Privacy and Safety with CrossedPaths

User privacy and safety are obvious concerns with social apps like CrossedPaths.

User privacy was an absolute priority when CrossedPaths was being conceived and developed. CrossedPaths does not share your photos nor your locations with other users.

Moreover, Loiter’s privacy policy is unequivocal. The bottom line is that platform will not share with persons, other than those users specify, any information that users provide through CrossedPaths that might be used to identify them individually, or allow their precise individual location to be determined, both present and in the past – full stop. Moreover, logging off from CrossedPaths results in all data related to a user’s account being permanently and irretrievably deleted from our servers and rendered unviewable by other users.

To minimize abuse and unsavoury behaviour, users are able to dismiss and block users they are matched with. Users can also be flagged by other users which subjects the flagged account to manual review and banning if they are found to be in repeated and flagrant breach of the terms of service.

The privacy policy can be viewed in full here:

The terms of service can be viewed here:

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