Phil and Jennifer #crossedpathsstories

Phil and Jennifer are both from Austin, Texas. They have been friends for just a couple of months. Phil and Jennifer are also neighbours. They have been neighbours for a couple of years. In fact they live on the same floor of their condo on Shoal Creek. But it wasn’t until they were matched by CrossedPaths that they really met. Phil sent Jennifer a ‘like’. And then they got chatting. Now they are the best of friends. And the best of neighbours too.

Using CrossedPaths #1

This is the first in a new series of posts about how to use CrossedPaths. In this introductory example, we show the user swiping through their crossed paths matches and sending a like to Liam.

CrossedPaths Bracelets

These are very cool – Crossed Paths® bracelets by Wanderer Bracelets. The idea is to cross your initials with the initials of the person you crossed paths with and who made such an impression on you. The bracelet reminds you of the moments and feelings you shared when the two of your life journeys intersected. In fact, why not get two and gift the second to your crossedpaths counterpart.

PS. This is not an ad or paid endorsement. They just look cool IMHO.

No regrets!

We’d all love a SECOND CHANCE to reconnect. Why have regrets? – try CrossedPaths and reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. And make new friends.

#CrossedPathsStories – an upcoming feature

Soon-to-released in CrossedPaths will be a #crossedpathsstories sharing feature. User will be invited to share their personal stories of how they reconnected with old friends, or made new friends using CrossedPaths.

We have already been sharing the occasional crossed path story here on our blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram page and very short versions on our Twitter feed. These have proven to be very popular.

By tapping the share button in the CrossedPaths app, users will be able to write a short story about any of their crossed path matches with whom they have been chatting. The user will so be able to add an accompanying photo.

These user-submitted stories will be curated by our team and then be posted on a dedicated #CrossedPathsStories page on our site here.

Zoe and Mee-Na #crossedpathsstories

Even though they just met, Zoe and Mee-Na think of themselves as twins. They both grew up in Irvine, California, but went to the different schools. They were however members of the same swim club for many years and it turns out that they were in Florida on spring break at around the same time two years ago. But despite all that they had never met. That is until the CrossedPaths app matched them, based on their many shared experiences. Zoe and Mee-Na are now inseparable friends – even their hair color is now the same! 🥰

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How to add Firebase tracking to WordPress

firebase tracking script wordpress theme

There is lots of advice on the web about on how to add tracking scripts to WordPress installations. There are even WordPress plugins that (attempt) to do this for you such as Integrate Firebase. But you really don’t need to bother with all that. Adding any kind of tracking code (or including Facebook pixel tracking) is very simple.

Here I will use Firebase to illustrate (but the same idea applies to any other tracking script or code). It is as simple as just pasting in the tracking code in the correct WordPress PHP file in the current place.

First you need the tracking script itself. In the case of Firebase, go to the settings menu in your project and selecting “Project settings”:

Then on the left hand side, select the “Web app” that you want – in the case below, we choose the web app “Blog” which we created to track our blog traffic independently of other website traffic. Then on the right hand side at the bottom, a “Firebase SDK snippet” should appear. Be sure that the “CDN” option is selected and the copy the block of code that appears in the grey box:

This is the code snippet that you will need to paste at the bottom of the footer.php file of your WordPress theme. To find the footer.php file:
(1.) Go to your WordPress installation folder – usually called “blog” (or whatever you chose when you installed WordPress).
(2.) Then the “wp-content” folder.
(3.) Then the “themes” folder.
(4.) And then choose the folder named for the theme you are using -in our case “twentyseventeen“.
(5.) It is in that folder that you will find the footer.php file.

Now edit the “footer.php” file and near at the bottom, right before the closing “</body>” tag, paste in the Firebase code snippet:

Save the file, and that’s it. All done. You should now start to see tracking activity for every single one of your WordPress post pages.

Jerome and Maria #crossedpathsstories

Jerome (from Charlestown, SC) and Maria (from Guatemala) crossed paths while climbing Mt Fuji in Japan a few summers ago. Jerome suffered really badly from altitude sickness and Maria, who is a doctor, looked after him as he descended the mountain. They lost contact but were reconnected using CrossedPaths. They got their second change and they took it and and yada yada yada… they got married last August!

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How to make new friends as you get older

Remember how easy it was to make friends as a kid? But as you get older, as we all know, it becomes harder and harder to make new and lasting friendships. As Jerry Seinfeld famously quipped:

When you’re in your thirties it’s very hard to make a new friend. Whatever the group is that you’ve got now that’s who you’re going with. you’re not interviewing, you’re not looking at any new people, you’re not interested in seeing any applications. They don’t know the places. They don’t know the food. They don’t know the activities, If I meet a guy in a club on the gym or someplace I’m sure you’re a very nice person you seem to have a lot of potential, but we’re just not hiring right now.

Of course when you’re a kid, you can be friends with anybody. Remember when you were a little kid what were the qualifications? If someone’s in front of my house NOW, That’s my friend, they’re my friend.

This article by Sherri Gordon offers some great advice on how adults can make new friends. Firstly, having the right mindset is critical. That means having an open mindset, including being open to trying new things. Accept invites to places and events that you normally won’t attend. Discover where to find potential new friends: leverage your social media accounts, join a book club, or sports club, or attend church. Volunteer at your kids’ school and connect with co-workers.

And finally learn how to maintain the friendships you make by being supportive and not just a taker or talker, but a giver and listener.

And of course you could use CrossedPaths to rediscover old friends and to discover new friends. Why not try it now? Its free on the App Store here.

Jason and Yuki #crossedpathsstories

Jason (from Sydney, Australia) and Yuki (from Osaka, Japan) went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the same time. They kind of knew of each other – admiring from a distance – but they never actually met, even though it turns out that they were both members of a couple of the same clubs. It wasn’t until both had graduated and returned to their respective home countries that CrossedPaths offered them a second chance. They were matched, they sent each other likes and then soon started chatting. Last summer Jason traveled to Japan and he and Yuki walked the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail together. Yuki plans to visit Jason in Sydney very soon. Stay tuned…

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