Jonathan and Stuart : #crossedpathsstories

Jonathan (from London) and Stuart (also from London) crossed paths.

Jonathan (from London) and Stuart (also from London) crossed paths at an MG owners car rally in Oxfordshire last August. Stuart’s car (a 1955 MG Magnette) broke down and Jonathan towed him home. They were reconnected using CrossedPaths and recently relived all the drama of rescue over a beer in London.  #crossedpathsstories #London #MG #MGCars #Oxfordshire #pub #friends #newfriends #crossedpaths #crossedpathsapp MG Motor AustraliaMG Car Club

Online is now the most common way couples meet

A Stanford University survey of over 5000 people in the US showed that for heterosexual couples, online has become the most popular way couples meet, eclipsing meeting through friends for the first time in around 2013. Moreover, among the couples who meet online, the proportion who have met directly (without the mediation of third persons) continued to increase. The study found that the internet meeting is displacing the roles that family and friends once played in bringing couples together. This is yet another example of the disintermediatory role that the internet has played in modern economics and society.

Source: “Disintermediating your friends: How Online Dating in the United States displaces other ways of meeting” by Rosenfeld, Thomas and Hausen (2019).

Liam and Janette : #crossedpathsstories

Liam (from London ) and Janette (from Boston) have a simple CrossedPaths story. Paris in the summer – a bistro – an aperitif. They got chatting though they were separated before they could exchange contact details. But luckily they both had taken photos that afternoon and six months later Liam and Janette got a second chance when they were reconnected using CrossedPaths. CrossedPaths was able to match them based on their shared experience in the bistro that afternoon.  #crossedpathsstories #crossedpaths #paris #france #summer #apero