Liam and Janette crossed paths

Even though they just met, Zoe and Mee-Na think of themselves as twins. They both grew up in Irvine, California, went to the same schools through K12 and were members of the same swim club for many years. They were even in Florida on spring break at around the same time two years ago. But despite all that they had never met. That is until the CrossedPaths app matched them, based on their many shared experiences. Zoe and Mee-Na are now inseparable - even their hair color is now the same!

Zoe and Mee-Na

Maria and Maria family reunion

Maria (from Boston) and Maria (from Newark) are actually third or fourth cousins (could be sisters - check out their eyes!). They'd never met until CrossedPaths matched them based on photos they had both taken while visiting the ancestral village near Naples in the "old country" (Italy). Turns out that their common great great grandfather had migrated to America via Ellis Island in the 1890s. Maria and Maria are talking about organising as huge family get together in August this year.

Maria and Maria

Liam and Janette crossed paths

Liam (from London) and Janette (from Boston) crossed paths in Paris last summer. They started chatting in a bistro one evening over an aperitif. Both took photos that evening but they were separated before they could exchange contact details. Six months later Liam and Janette were reconnected using CrossedPaths. CrossedPaths was able to match them based on their shared experience in the bistro that evening.

Liam and Janette

John and Kyle were matched using CrossedPaths

John and Kyle are both from LA, and live not too far from each other. In fact, they frequent the same cafes and gyms, and even recognise each other. John and Kyle became friends after CrossedPaths matched them based on their shared experiences, using the photographs both had taken in the places they had often crossed paths.

John and Kyle

Jake and Terrell both play Fenders

Terrell is from Malmo, Sweden and Jake is from Nashville, Tennessee. Both play in guitar in bands - one in a country and western band and the other in a progressive djent band - we will leave it to you to figure out who plays in what band :-) Jake and Terrell crossed paths on the road while touring in the US. Both were too cool to exchange details there and then (by their own admission) but recently they reconnected using the CrossedPaths app for iPhone.

Terrell and Jake

Amelia helped Byrant after he twisted his ankle in Jamaica

Amelia (from Jamaica) and Bryant (from Chicago, IL) crossed paths when Bryant was on a Caribbean cruise with his two children. Bryant twisted his ankle while they were ashore exploring Kingston and Amelia was a nurse at the local infirmary where he was treated. A couple of months later CrossedPaths reconnected Amelia and Bryant based on their shared experience. Bryant flew down to visit Amelia again in this winter. Turns out they both love dancing and Bryant's ankle is fully recovered...

Amelia and Bryant

Emma and Aylisha met after coming back from India

Emma and Aylisha shared the experience of a long dusty Indian bus journey through the deserts of Rajasthan, squeezed in amongst the chickens and goats. They parted ways in Jaipur but where reconnected using CrossedPaths and recently caught up in New York.

Emma and Aylisha

Jerome and Maria climbing Mt Fuji together

Jerome (from Charlestown, SC) and Maria (from Guatemala) crossed paths while climbing Mt Fuji in Japan a few summers ago. Jerome suffered really badly from altitude sickness and Maria, who is a doctor, looked after him as he descended the mountain. They lost contact but were reconnected using CrossedPaths. Yada yada yada... and they got married last August!

Jerome and Maria

They crossed paths at an MG car rally

Jonathan (from London) and Stuart (also from London) crossed paths at an MG car rally in Oxfordshire last August. Stuart's car (a 1955 MG Magnette) broke down and Jonathan towed him home. They were reconnected using CrossedPaths and recently relived all the drama of rescue over a beer in London.

Jonathan and Stuart

Jason and Yuke's second chance after Stanford

Jason (from Sydney, Australia) and Yuki (from Osaka, Japan) went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the same time. They kind of knew of each other - admiring from a distance - but they never actually met, even though it turns out that they were both members of a couple of the same clubs. It wasn't until both had graduated and returned to their respective home countries that CrossedPaths offered them a second chance. They were matched, they sent each other likes and then soon started chatting. Last summer Jason traveled to Japan and he and Yuki walked the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail together. Yuki plans to visit Jason in Sydney very soon. Stay tuned...

Jason and Yuki

Phil and Jennifer neighbour in Austin Texas

Phil and Jennifer are both from Austin, Texas. They have been friends for just a couple of months. Phil and Jennifer are also neighbours. They have been neighbours for a couple of years. In fact they live on the same floor of their condo on Shoal Creek. But it wasn’t until they were matched by CrossedPaths that they really met. Phil sent Jennifer a ‘like’. And then they got chatting. Now they are the best of friends. And the best of neighbours too.

Phil and Jennifer

Mia and Max from Germany met in Australia

Mia (from Berlin) and Max (from Frankfurt) are both German. But they crossed paths on the other side of the globe - in Australia. Both were taking a year off travelling around Australia with their respective partners. They all met while working picking fruit for a couple of weeks in Tasmania and again while taking surfing lessons on the Central Coast of New South Wales. After they returned home, Mia and Max come up as CrossedPaths matches, based on their shared experiences in Australia. They started chatting and now that they are both single, well, let's see where it goes from here...

Mia and Max

Ciara and Gabriella are Erasmus students in London

Ciara (from Dublin) and Gabriella (from Barcelona) are both studying in London under Europe's Erasmus Student Exchange Program. London can be a pretty daunting place for new comers. But using CrossedPaths the girls were able to connect with a bunch of other Erasmus students and soon had a network of friends from all over Europe with whom they could discover the delights of London together.

Ciara and Gabriella

Ciara and Gabriella meet in Florida on spring break

Claire (from NYC) and Kylie (from NYC) crossed paths on Clearwater Beach in Florida on Spring Break as couple of years ago. And now that they both live in New York city they are best friends. And return to Florida together like snow birds at least once a year.

Claire and Kylie

Tai and Kathy work in the fashion industry

Tia (from Springfield, IL) and Kathy (from Melbourne, FL) both work in the fashion industry. Tia is a catwalk model and Kathy is a hair stylist. They crossed paths numerous times in the world's fashion capitals - NYC, Paris, Milan and Tokyo - but they never really had the time while working to make a connection. That is until they were matched on CrossedPaths. That gave them the opportunity to strike up a friendship and now Tia and Kathy get together whenever they are in the same city - wherever that may be around the world.

Tia and Kathy

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